APECS Belgium is actively involved in research and research communication.  Here you can find four of our initiatives all aimed at informing about polar research, with a special focus on contributions from Belgium:



To get to know who is doing what, check out our Overview Map of Belgian Research groups active in polar areas.



mapimage (1)


Going further, we also have an Overview Map of current expeditions to polar areas involving Belgian researchers.




In our Polar View we discuss and explain polar research topics, often from recent journal articles, with our own impressions and thoughts in an easily understandable format.





Finally, we regularly publish Data Tutorials that explain simple (or not so simple) tasks that people with interest in polar science might find useful, often using the R environment.




For any feedback and especially updates on the content of our overview maps, please get in touch.

Our Polar View category was inspired by the amazing Science In The Clear initative of our friends from APECS Portgual. Go check it out as well!

For more info on Belgian Polar Research visit