APECS Belgium Board renewed!


Being early career scientist organizations APECS and APECS Belgium are subject to constant change with respect to the people involved. At some point, often sooner than later, highly motivated and active members step down and leave gaps. Read further on what this means for us.



Aiding polar research, from the eye of a data scientist

Although polar week is over, #PolarWorld never ends.


“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” — John Naisbitt


Immense amount of data were generated and published by polar researchers. What do we data scientists do about it, without going to polar regions?

Read further for some insights shared by Yi-Ming Gan from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

POLAR18 Abstract fee waiver

Planning to go to Switzerland next year? Abstract submission for the big POLAR2018 conference is open since a couple of days.

Short on funds? The organizers offer some abstract fee waivers, but you have to apply before the end of the abstract submission period! Find all info here.


APECS Workshop at SCARBio17

One day ahead of the recent 2017 SCAR Biology Symposium, APECS organized an early career scientist workshop for conference participants (and anyone else interested). Lovely weather, sci-comm, fabulous guests, … read further for some impressions.

APECS workshop at SCARBio17 highlights

from “Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham http://www.phdcomics.com

Our overall schedule for the workshop on July 9th immediately prior to SCARBio17 is generally finalized. In the morning we will have exciting talks & time for questions with five invited speakers, in the afternoon we will proceed to a hands-on practice session. In between lunch will be provided. The workshop is centered on science communication and data management, which is interesting not only for biologists!


José Xavier (scientist at BAS & U. Coimbra):
“Polar Science, Education and Policy Making: the three major parts of the puzzle to be a young scientist today?” 

Anne-Claire Bihan-Poudec (journalist at UPT):
“Sharing science through Exploration”

Siska Waelkens (science comm expert at KU Leuven):
“Scientists on the bridge – handling the gap between scientific complexity and low-threshold communication”

Stéphanie Brabant (journalist at Thalassa/France TV):
“How to communicate or explain science easily to journalists”

Grant Humphries (data scientist at Black Bawks):
“Scientific ibuprofen: Preventing headaches with data management”
Some registrations can still be accepted, make sure to be fast, if you haven’t signed up yet!