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8 days to go for Antarctic documentary crowdfunding!

8 days to go for the crowdfunding campaign for the documentary movie of the upcoming Antarctic expedition that part of APECS Belgium will participate in! It takes a whole team of incredible individuals to tell this adventurous story. The documentary makers only just confirmed the fantastic composer and sound designer Alexander Bradley who will work on the film … Continue reading 8 days to go for Antarctic documentary crowdfunding!

Zoology conference with young scientist day

Not strictly polar, but interesting for all polar scientists out there studying animals: the BeNeLux Congress of Zoology or in short "Zoology 2018" will take place this year from December 14th -15th in Antwerp under the theme Zoology in the Anthropocene. You can still hand in an abstract until 10th November! In addition, our board … Continue reading Zoology conference with young scientist day

Antarctica Day School Visit

It's getting colder outside, an unmistakeable sign that Antarctica Day (December 1st) is drawing near. This year Antarctica Day brings us back to school again! We will visit different schools in Belgium with minimum two early career polar scientists to share our passion for the poles. We also team up with our friends from APECS … Continue reading Antarctica Day School Visit

Diving in Antarctica

Diving below Antarctica means to face life-threatening challenges like anaesthetising water temperatures of -0.8°C, ice sheets covering the water, and the terrifying risk of encountering a Leopard Seal. Yet it is the place that every diver dreams to visit… Why not meet one of those divers in person? Visit to help fund the making of the documentary … Continue reading Diving in Antarctica