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[Free entrance] Belgium and Antarctica… Researchers’ views

Archives Antarctiques Belges – Belgische Antarctische Archieven (AABBAA – asbl) and APECS Belgium are proud to present a conference evening where researchers share their findings and experiences in Antarctica!

Belgium and Antarctica… Researchers’ views
21 March 2018 (Wednesday)
Campus Solbosch, ULB Building D Local DC2.223
Open to public and FREE of charge!

AABBAA is a non-profit organization which gathers archives on Belgian Antarctic expeditions. Please join us for this great initiative!

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Concours Antarctique

Nous organisons un concours d’histoires sur l’Antarctique destiné aux élèves de la 5e primaire à la 1ère secondaire!

Le principe est simple : choisissez l’une des 22 images proposées et écrivez une histoire courte de 2 à 3 pages sur le thème « l’Antarctique ».
10 histoires francophones et 10 histoires néerlandophones seront rassemblées dans en livre et imprimées. Chaque école participante et les élèves dont l’histoire aura été sélectionnée recevront un exemplaire. Les gagnants recevront également la visite d’un scientifique polaire dans leur classe.

Bon amusement!!


Maps of Belgian polar research and expedition in 2017/2018

Today is #AntarcticaDay2017! Could there be a better day to launch a new category on the APECS Belgium Website?

We are very excited to present to you for the first time interactive maps that showcase,

I) all the polar research groups currently active in Belgium (quite a lot for its small size!)


II) where in the Arctic and Antarctic Belgian polar researchers will be conducting their fieldwork in 2017-2018.

Follow the links above to have a look! And in case your expedition does not appear on the map or any other information is missing, please contact us. We don’t want to miss anyone!

Ming and Caro for APECS Belgium