APECS Workshop at SCARBio17

One day ahead of the recent 2017 SCAR Biology Symposium, APECS organized an early career scientist workshop for conference participants (and anyone else interested). Lovely weather, sci-comm, fabulous guests, … read further for some impressions.

Accomodation SCAR Biology Symposium

We are happy to announce that there are some budget accomodation options available during the SCAR Biology Symposium via the University of Leuven and APECS:

Low fares accommodations will be provided by KU Leuven to participants of the SCAR Symposium, with availability going from Saturday 8th July to Saturday 15th July.

Booking is only possible for the full week. You can leave earlier if you want but you will still pay the full amount. Key arrangements will be organized by APECS Belgium members.

Number of rooms are limited, so please provide the following information to justify your demand:

1) Are you presenting either a poster or talk at the symposium?  If so please provide the title.

2) Please provide a few sentences on why you require these student rate accommodations.

Write to: apecsbelgium@gmail.com

More information about the available options can be found here.

APECS workshop at SCAR Biology Symposium 2017

The next SCAR Biology Symposium comes to Belgium. Just one day ahead an APECS Early-Career Workshop will take place under the overarching theme of “Communicating with a non-scientific audience – or: how to explain your research to your grandparents?”. Most will agree that communication is key in promoting science and education, but what are characteristics of good communication? We want to tackle this from different perspectives (not only scientific that is) and plan insights given by seniors and hands-on practice. The program is still developing, but make sure to sign up early as it’s first-come-first-serve!

Time: 9 July 2017, 9:30 – 16:30
Location: KU Leuven, Kolenmuseum, room KOL 0.04, Charles Deberiotstraat 32, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium

The workshop is free of charge, but please do register here before 25 June 2017!

APECS Online Conference

Have you ever joined an online conference? No? There’s interesting sessions for basically any discipline during the upcoming APECS online conference and registration is open and free! You can follow it literally from anywhere as long as you have internet access. All details here.

APECS Online Town Hall Meeting

Wonder what’s currently going on with(in) APECS? What is planned in the near future? Who is doing what? Where you can help a bit?

Or just want to get a glimpse on how all these APECS things work?

Join the penguins on the way to the APECS Online Town Hall Meeting. Next week Thursday, March 16, at 10 am, Belgian Time. All info here!