APECS Belgium Board renewed!


Being early career scientist organizations APECS and APECS Belgium are subject to constant change with respect to the people involved. At some point, often sooner than later, highly motivated and active members step down and leave gaps. Obviously, this is a pity – they will be dearly missed! Some finish their PhD or Postdoc project, some need to finish and thus can’t afford to devote so much time for APECS any longer, some focus more on personal matters (building a family for example) or seek different career paths altogether. All of this is very understandable and also perfectly natural. Remember that almost* all the work in APECS is done by volunteers who offer their free time! Hence it is just fair enough that at some point you may say you want to focus on something else.

In addition, APECS is supposed to be a stepping stone and has a long track record of working as exactly that for many people – you would be surprised to find out how many current polar experts working in science, education, policy or somewhere in-between have been involved at some time with APECS!**

So, while people have good reasons to step down, we still have a problem since, if everyone leaves, APECS (Belgium) will disappear. Fortunately, there are many new early career researchers willing to join. APECS is renewing its leadership in September-October of each year, and has just announced its new President, Executive Committee and Council. Also we as APECS Belgium have renewed our leadership, the APECS Belgium Board. We warmly thank all past contributors and welcome the new board members. Everyone else is welcome to contribute as well though, if you want to or have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

*Notwithstanding that APECS is very fortunate to have some sponsors for the international directorate, which is doing an outstanding job!
**And luckily many of these still support APECS to date in one way or another.
***The header picture shows a typical scene of a board meeting: craned necks and a lot of chit-chat…