New member introduction – part I

APECS Belgium’s leadership is comprised of a board of members that pledge to devote some time for outreach and education. In fact, since 2016 we have formalized our leadership in this way and we renew the board every year with some leaving and some new members (hopefully) joining. This fluctuation is quite normal as especially early career researchers are (sometimes forced to be) changing position, countries, topics, etc. rather often. On the plus side, it regularly provides new input with fresh ideas and motivation.

We renew our board every year in ~September. Last year, we were lucky to welcome not one, but several new members and we now want to finally introduce them here:

Part I – Meet one of our newest members!
>> Dr. Beatriz Roncero Ramos <<

Bea is a postdoc at ULiège, and her project focuses on the resistance mechanisms of #cyanobacteria colonizing hot and cold deserts. Previously, she was working on her PhD in Almería, Spain

Find her full profile here!