Meet the new 2019-2020 Board members!

Being an association mostly composed by young scientists, APECS Belgium is always changing! Every year we say goodbye to old friends and we meet new ones, who always bring new ideas and a recharge of motivation.

The APECS Belgium group includes a large number of members, with few being directly involved in the organization and development of events and communication. This team composes the Board. Every October a new Board is formed, which will meet regularly to assure a continuous activity throughout the entire year. Whereas, the other members are welcome to participate and contribute to each event on a random base.

You can see the complete list of old Board members here.

Now, it’s time to meet the new Board members for the 2019 – 2020 year:


Starting from the left, Sarah Wauthy and Elise Kazmierczak are PhD students at the Laboratory of Glaciology of the ULB. Sarah’s thesis focuses on the assessment of ice extent changes in East Antarctica, participating to the Belspo-funded Mass2Ant project; while Elise works on ice sheet modelling, investigating mechanisms that control ice sheet stability.

Monica Gamba is a MSc’ student at the Aalborg University in Denmark. She is studying to become a social scientist, her work focuses on the social development and relationships of Arctic populations. Lately, she aquired a lot of practical experience as an intern at the International Polar Foundation in Bruxelles.

Finally, Marie Cavitte is a postdoctoral fellow at the Georges Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research at UCLouvain. As part of the Mass2Ant project she works on understanding what processes control surface mass balance in East Antarctica. Before coming back to Belgium she conducted her PhD at the University of Texas, where she fed into the geophysical characterization of the Dome C oldest ice site, as part of the European Beyond-EPICA Oldest Ice project.

APECS Belgium can today be proud to present such large variability in experiences and scientific fields within its members. From Master to PostDoc, from Social Science to Biology, Geophysical and Climatic research. Everyone is welcome to participate and be a part of this group! If you are interested, please contact us at: , on our contact page, or through one of our social media channels.

To see the complete 2019 – 2020 Board and find more detailed information about its members go here.