This Polar week is all about Solargraphy!

What can be better for celebrating Polar week this September than share the results of our joint experiment about light capturing from pinhole cameras?

Longterm Solargraphic shot in Bruxelles. By Udo Prinsen. For more visit the website.

Every year APECS organizes a special day to celebrate and educate everything there is to know about Antarctica and the Polar regions. During the past year, the theme was about the Night and Day light cycle and the difference between the Poles and lower latitudes. This was a joint effort between APECS Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, the Dutch artist Udo Prinsen and many many excited students and their teachers.

An amazing network of scientists, artists and children made possible capturing of the sun cycle in the Arctic, as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands.

As Udo Prinsen describes in his website “Solargraphy is the technique of capturing a longer period of the sun’s trajectory into one image through pinhole cameras. A pinhole is just a tiny hole; it means that the camera we use has no lens. The light falls through this tiny little hole in the front. Inside the camera is a piece of light sensitive photo paper. The image in front of the camera projects itself on the back of the inside of the camera and is recorded. Steadfast objects will be recorded over and over while moving objects like people and cars are not.”

To check the resulting pictures and see the difference between the Arctic and our latitudes you can go here. In his website, Udo Prinsen also explains how to make your own pinhole camera to have fun and try to run your own experiment.

Here are some pictures selected from the entire project:


——————————————————————————————————————————Involved parties (Alphabetic order):

APECS Belgium
APECS Luxembourg
APECS The Netherlands
Elementary school “Talent” (The Netherlands)
Catholic Elementary School De Achthoek (The Netherlands)
British International School of Bruxelles (Belgium)
College St. Pierre – Brussels (Belgium)
Udo Prinsen