Postdoc application possibility ULiège

Application possibility for a post-doctoral fellowship of 2 years at University of Liège, BE, in the group of Prof. Annick Wilmotte to work on molecular diversity of cyanobacteria based on amplicon sequencing, ecophysiological and genomic adaptations of polar cyanobacteria (including bioinformatic analyses), etc … Deadline is 3rd May.

Further information can be found here. Contact: Annick Wilmotte.

The current IPD-STEMA programme is entirely dedicated to newly graduated postdocs who meet the conditions defined by the SRC-ST:
1) PhD obtained abroad after 1 October 2013 or be in a position to obtain his/ her doctoral degree before 15 September 2019. The earliest admissible date of the doctoral degree will be set back by one year per maternity/paternity leave, with a max. of 2 years;
2) meet the conditions for being allocated a “foreign post-doctoral grant” in Belgium, i.e. not have lived or worked in their main job in Belgium for more than 24 months in the past 3 years before the start of the IPD-STEMA fellowship, develop full-time unconstrained research at ULiege and not perform any other paid work for ULiege or a third party (i.e. company);
3) not have worked at ULiege for more than 12 months before the start of the fellowship, as foreign post-doctoral grantee or employee;