Our Board members Val and Ben join the Polar Symposium 2018 in The Hague

The 7th of December, Val and Ben joined the Polar Symposium 2018 ‘Polar Impacts’ organized by APECS Netherlands and NWO in The Hague (The Netherlands).

After quite the rush to catch the train and a 3:28 hours-long trip, our Belgian delegation arrived just in time for the official start of the program. The morning session was very interesting, with a relevant report of the NL Climate Envoy at the CO24, followed by very interesting talks about permafrost deglaciation, ocean warming, ice sheet changes, fire in high latitude in relation to climate change, and even a physical presentation of solar eclipse influence on water properties!

After the “Environmental and climatic impacts” session, it was time for the “Societal and cultural impacts & awareness” talks. Then, a very exciting presentation of archaeological studies in Greenland, an essential analysis of the recent Inuit’s societal dynamic and a passionate talk about the impact of plastics in marine Arctic. Finally, a poetic and calming storytelling about of a piece of ice that made several trips from Antarctica to Europe concluded the conference.

Yes indeed, the day was worth the detour!

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