Belgica Expedition Movie Crowdfunding

If you’ve followed this site you’ve probably heard of the Belgica expedition and perhaps also the documentary movie that shall be shot during the expedition. To support the movie, the crew and filmmaker have launched a crowdfunding campaign. A worthy endeavor to support and you can also win great prizes!

Ever wanted to receive a post-card sent to you straight from Antarctica? 
Here’s your chance! The prequel to this breathtaking adventure set admits the stunning ice desert of Antarctica has just been officially selected at the Polar Film Festival! As a thank you for your support to help our daring scientists tell their story, you can win exciting prices such as a postcard written personally to you from one of the Antarctic field stations, an invitation to the documentary film premiere, and even a day in the laboratory in Brussels to take a glance through the microscope and extract DNA from some of Antarctica’s endangered species! Learn more about the cause here: