Back to school!

Some days ago APECS Belgium met the three classes of the primary school Wegnez Centre who participated to the Story book contest called by APECS Belgium together with Belspo.

Around 60 children of 11-12 years old wrote stories about Antarctica, and at the end of August we aim to publish a book with 10 stories in French and 10 in Dutch and send it to them (and to you if you want a copy? Get in touch).

With three activities that turned every 40 minutes, we entertained them with an interactive story about a researcher that goes to Antarctica and afterwards analyzes the samples back in the laboratory and two games about polar food webs and penguins.

At the end of the morning, the kids had the time to ask us questions and curiosities and it was really inspiring to see their concern and consideration about these fragile environments. It is a great way of sharing our passion and hopefully raising awareness and inspire the next generation!