Merry Field(Holiday)Season!

Antarctic researchers follow at times extraordinary rhythms. Sine it’s summer in Antarctica right now, this is the period where most of Antarctic field work takes place, such as for example at the Belgian Antarctic research station.

By the way: for nice expressions of Antarctica field work & fauna, check out the winners of APECS’ last photo contest.

If you’ve had a look at our overview of current Belgian polar expeditions, you may have noted one expedition that has not started yet, but is scheduled for early 2018. This is the “Belgica 120 expedition” – a cruise with a small vessel that links up with the first expedition to winter in Antarctica in 1897-99, some 120 years ago… Watch this space and the expedition home page and facebook page to keep up to date with preparation & departure!

In the meantime APECS Belgium wishes you a great holiday and/or field season!

Do you see the face? Is it the face of an Antarctic Santa?