Symposium on research around Princess Elisabeth Station

Join the symposium on ongoing research around the Belgian Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica, on the 10th of May! Participation is free, registration until 24th of April 2019! More info here:


Our Board members Val and Ben join the Polar Symposium 2018 in The Hague

The 7th of December, Val and Ben joined the Polar Symposium 2018 'Polar Impacts' organized by APECS Netherlands and NWO in The Hague (The Netherlands). After quite the rush to catch the train and a 3:28 hours-long trip, our Belgian delegation arrived just in time for the official start of the program. The morning session … Continue reading Our Board members Val and Ben join the Polar Symposium 2018 in The Hague

School visits for Antarctica Day

The 1st of December celebrates the 1959 signing of the Antarctic Treaty in Washington. This Treaty aimed to protect the totality of the Antarctic continent (nearly 10% of the Earth) "forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes... in the interests of all mankind". More information about the Antarctic Treaty can be found here. Today, 59 … Continue reading School visits for Antarctica Day

APECS Belgium Board 2018-2019

The turnover of early career scientists within a relatively small field in a relatively small country can be quite high. Consequently, every year there are new people entering the scene of Belgian polar researchers, while others continue their adventures elsewhere. As APECS Belgium we strive to accommodate for that with a relatively flexible organization - … Continue reading APECS Belgium Board 2018-2019