Merry Field(Holiday)Season!

Antarctic researchers follow at times extraordinary rhythms. Sine it’s summer in Antarctica right now, this is the period where most of Antarctic field work takes place, such as for example at the Belgian Antarctic research station.

By the way: for nice expressions of Antarctica field work & fauna, check out the winners of APECS’ last photo contest.

If you’ve had a look at our overview of current Belgian polar expeditions, you may have noted one expedition that has not started yet, but is scheduled for early 2018. This is the “Belgica 120 expedition” – a cruise with a small vessel that links up with the first expedition to winter in Antarctica in 1897-99, some 120 years ago… Watch this space and the expedition home page and facebook page to keep up to date with preparation & departure!

In the meantime APECS Belgium wishes you a great holiday and/or field season!

Do you see the face? Is it the face of an Antarctic Santa?



Maps of Belgian polar research and expedition in 2017/2018

Today is #AntarcticaDay2017! Could there be a better day to launch a new category on the APECS Belgium Website?

We are very excited to present to you for the first time interactive maps that showcase,

I) all the polar research groups currently active in Belgium (quite a lot for its small size!)


II) where in the Arctic and Antarctic Belgian polar researchers will be conducting their fieldwork in 2017-2018.

Follow the links above to have a look! And in case your expedition does not appear on the map or any other information is missing, please contact us. We don’t want to miss anyone!

Ming and Caro for APECS Belgium


Heading South – the Mass2Ant Project

Today (Tuesday 14th of November 2017), a team of Belgian researchers is heading south for a 1-month expedition to Antarctica. They will investigate recent climate change in East Antarctica, in the frame of the project Mass2Ant. Read further for more information about the project and the expedition, shared by Caroline Jacques.

Location of the FranKenny Ice Rise (blue star) and the Western Promontory (yellow star), north of the Princess Elisabeth station (courtesy of Frank Pattyn and Brice van Liefferinge).

POLAR2018: APECS World Summit

By now you’ve hopefully submitted an abstract to the upcoming POLAR2018 conference in Davos in June 2018. When you start planning you’re trip there (better do so early, it may quickly get expensive…*) consider coming in time for the workshop of the APECS World Summit on Monday, June 18! All information including program and registration info can be found on the APECS pages!

*there’s a facebook group to help organize budget/shared accommodation

POLAR 2018

APECS Belgium at BNCAR Meeting

APECS is all about early career scientists, but we exchange and stay in touch with what is being discussed at senior level also. The two APECS delegates took part in the second meeting in 2017 of the Belgian National Committee of Antarctic Research (BNCAR) at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels on November 6th. The meeting was chaired by Frank Pattyn (ULB) and Bruno Delille (ULg) and reunited around a dozen scientists.

There, important topics were raised, such as the involvement of researchers in a scientific committee, which is active in the management of projects being held at the Belgian Princess Elisabeth station. But did you know that Belgian polar researchers are also very active in conservation? Annick Wilmotte and others engage in the elaboration of a management plan for an Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) in Dronning Maud Land.

In addition, plans were developed to introduce an overarching web platform as entry point for information about Belgian Polar Research, likely hosted by BNCAR. The idea from Vinciane Debaille is that for example Belgian scientists going to Antarctica write blog entries on this site and link to individual pages about researchers and projects. We certainly endorse the idea and will keep you posted.

Alex & Henrik (APECS Belgium)