The CTD Rosette and why it’s important

by Caroline Jacques I have wanted to be an oceanographer ever since I was 12 years old. Even though I got a little off topic, I still have the chance to go on a ship from time to time. Today, I wanted to talk about the CTD rosette, which is an essential instrument on research … Continue reading The CTD Rosette and why it’s important


The Importance of Museum Collections

by Marianna Pinzone Within the field of my research - ecotoxicology of marine animals - I never took into account the possibility of collaborating with museums in order to get samples. I mostly work with whales and seals' tissues to measure contaminants accumulation and the effect of species ecology on potential exposure. However, the increasing emergency … Continue reading The Importance of Museum Collections

Polar Cod: a keystone species facing challenges with decreasing sea ice

by Sarah Maes The Arctic is changing rapidly, exemplified by elevating temperatures, a reduction in sea ice thickness and extent and changes in ocean pH and salinity. This year, the onset of the sea ice melt season probably started on the 13th of March when sea ice extent reached its maximum1. Since this maximum, sea … Continue reading Polar Cod: a keystone species facing challenges with decreasing sea ice

An Office with a View

by Caroline Jacques We were heading back to Southampton after a successful cruise in the Barents Sea. The science went really well, spirits were high, the food was delicious, and we were happy enough to see several polar bears along the way. What more could you ask for? We were right in the middle of … Continue reading An Office with a View

Polar Networking @Brussels, May 15

Are you intrigued by the poles? Do you want to get to know like-minded people? Do you want to meet us and other polar professionals? Join the Network Event organized by our colleagues from the Arctic Institute on May 15 in Brussels. Meeting point: the Sister Brussels Café, from 18:30 onwards. Register here and come … Continue reading Polar Networking @Brussels, May 15